About Us

Ozark Integrated Pest Services of Topeka and Lawrence has been providing reliable pest control services to residential and commercial establishments for more than 30 years.

  • Family owned for over 30 years
  • Free estimates with the exception of real estate transactions
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority
  • Quick responses and thorough work
  • Se habla espanol!
  • We service the Topeka and Lawrence area
  • SPECIAL - $25 off initial service

Visa, Master Card and Discover Cards accepted (we do not accept American Express).

Ozark Integrated Pest Services Offers:

Our Team

Gene Cumpton

Gene was the founder of the company. He originally started Ozark as a “side-business” that he later shaped into a thriving business that became a full-time job.

After semi-retiring in 2008, Gene worked in the office scheduling routes for the technicians along with helping overseeing the daily operations with Guy.

Guy Cumpton

Guy has been employed with Ozark since 1991. In 1998, he took over as the Secretary/Treasurer of the company, eventually becoming the President/Owner in 2008.

Guy has certification in 7A and 7E and has completed Certified Master Technician through the KPCA. He spends his time marketing, networking and improving the customer’s experience.

His goals are to continue to grow the business and uphold the business’ reputation as a quality service provider.

Jerry Newell

Jerry has been employed with Ozark since 2010, previously owning his own pest control company.

He brings enthusiasm, great work ethic, and an overall outstanding attitude and performance on the job. Jerry services our customers in Valley Falls, Ozawkie, Oskaloosa, and Lawrence.

Jerry is a State Certified Service Technician, certified in 7A, 7D and 7E as well as a Certified Master Technician through the KPCA and also specializes in termite treatments and inspections.

Ed Meis

Ed brings with him 20 years of experience and a knowledge base covering many subjects and specializes in commercial pest control.

Ed is a State Certified Service Technician, certified in 7A, 7D, and 7E and completed Certified Master Technician through the KPCA.

Seth Abbott

Seth came to Ozark in 2015 as a new pest control technician and currently holds a registration with the State of Kansas.

Seth services both commercial and residential customers and is our back up termite technician and specializes in rodent control and also helps in the office with the scheduling as well as implementing new technology.

Barnabas Southall

Barnabas has been employed by Ozark starting February of 2016 and is currently a registered technician with the State of Kansas.

He currently services our residential and commercial customers and brings a great attitude to Ozark as well as an eagerness to learn.

Troy Hussey

Troy joined the Ozark team in July of 2016 and is our newest addition to the crew.

After his training, Troy became a registered technician with the State of Kansas, and is now servicing residential and commercial customers as well as helping with termite treatments.

Norma Ortega

Jeannie has been with Ozark since 2014 and is currently the office manager.

She also handles the scheduling duties, lining out daily routes for all of the technicians, and answering phone calls and questions from customers.

Jaimee Salalac

Jaimee joined the team in April of 2015 and takes care of all of our billing and invoicing duties.

She also handles other office duties to include assisting Jeannie with the scheduling and customer service.